WvW Week 50

The WvW match ups for week 49 are complete and the results have been posted. Be sure to check out Millenium for the full details and charts. I have the results from the previous week below.
Week 49 WvW results from mos.millenium.org

And with that said, the new match ups are up, and people are already in battling for control of the borderlands and Stonemist Castle. 

Week 50 match ups from mos.millenium.org

It is exciting times on my server, Gate of Madness. Anvil Rock has moved up a tier and Henge of Denravi has moved down. This new match up, thus far, seems to be fairly balanced. The last few weeks we have been steam rolled by Borlis Pass, and then Anvil Rock. Now it is our turn to do the steam rolling.

WvW Match up on my server, so far.
This is how I feel every week though. Hopefully, GoM will rally together and get it done this week. It is so frustrating because I know we can win. There are a lot of good players on our server. We just need to rally behind our commanders (Saria Fireweaver, I am talking about you) and just get her done.

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