Lost Shores missing loot mailed today

Just a quick post to let you guys know that the correction to the Lost Shores event, in which some players were not given the final chest, goes live today. As I post this article the items are being handed out by mail to those that were unable to loot the chest. I tell you this because this will certainly have an effect on prices on the Auction House. Keep your eyes on those high priced precursors as we may see a drop in price over the next 12 hours as players log in to find treats in their mailboxes.

I will update this post if and when I see a reaction in the market. Happy speculating.

*edit 4:00pm I've just been speaking with a player by the name "Bomber Man" in map chat. He has received his mail and was given the following items.  Yakkington's Greaves, Rampager's Rifle of Purity, Cleric's Pistol of Grawl Slaying, Carrion Pirate Boots of Divinity, Ancient Karka Shell Box, and Ancient Karka Shell. Two oranges and two yellows plus event items like we received the day of.

*edit 10:00pm Seems like the market is holding steady. One friend is speculating that some individuals are controlling the market. My personal belief is that the items are trickling in too slowly to make a noticeable effect. Time will tell. There are probably a large number of individuals yet to log in and see they have this fabulous new loot. In my opinion, the markets have one more chance to shift and that is over night tonight. If they have not shifted by tomorrow they are not going to.

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