Polymock, Mini-pet Game coming?

A recent Reddit post grabbed my attention. Let me quote you the text,
I was looking at Guildhead and noticed this. There's both the current PvE and PvP daily goals, as well as some new ones. 
Also, monthly achievements. Polymock!?
Lets all put on our tin foil hats and get down to some speculating.

Okay, so what is going on here? Well it seems if you go to Guildhead.com and look at their achievement sections it shows upcoming daily and monthly achievements as in the achievements for future days and months. One of the monthly achievements is for winning mini-pet games, aka Polymock. This was a popular past time in Guild Wars 1. How Guildhead gets it's data, I am not sure, but that will determine if it is authentic. There are three possibilities though.

Firstly, some one could have manually entered this data. I have read on the forums that currently there is a bug in game where if you change the date on your Windows clock to a date in the future it will display the daily or monthly achievement for that day. If you can not complete your daily or monthly this is probably why. Anyway, someone could have gone through updating their clock to see what the different possibilities were and then add that data to the site.

Secondly, GuildHead could have a program that looks through the data made public by the Guild Wars 2 servers (like how GW2Spidy.com gets its market data) and then generates pages of data based on this information. Also, related to this, they could have a program looking through the files on your local client. It seems that since the daily achievement that displays is based on your system clock then it is likely that there is a file on your PC somewhere that contains a list of the daily and monthly achievements.

Polymock pieces from GW1.
Thirdly, someone could have just made it up and stuck it there. I highly doubt this because Guildhead is a fairly respected site.

So, those are the three options. If one or two is true then there is good reason to think that pet battles are coming to Guild Wars 2 in the near future, maybe February patch. Why else would this data be in the game. If all this is true, then expect to see rises in the prices in mini-pets in the future. Now may be a good time to start investing is some of the neater looking ones.

Either way, Scott Hawkes is the guy that runs the ZAM network that includes Guildhead. He is also one of the personalities on the weekly Guild Wars 2 show, Guildcast. I will be sending them a question about this and hopefully it will be answered. Hopefully others ask about this to so we can get some clarification.

All-in-all this is exciting. I know a lot of people have been waiting for this, and it will give us another thing to keep us entertain in town. What do you think? Is this something we can believe? Are you waiting for Polymock? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Polymock sounds pretty cool, wasn't that bad in GW1 either.

  2. It should be noted that there is already a polymock arena in game as well as a disabled portal labed polymock arena in Rata Sum. If there is an achievment coming up soon it may let us know when ANet belives that they will have polymock in the game.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I totally forgot about all those disabled portals, and now that I am looking at my map, sure enough Polymock Arenas... Good info. Thanks!