Internet Back, Patch Today

My internet is back up. While my internet was out, I played a lot of this game called Towns. It is a fun little game, that I would call a mix between Minecraft, and Age of Empires. There is a demo available on their site if you are interested. Luckily I had this game to keep me entertained while the internet was out. I will look to see if this game gets updated in the future, but for now I think I have got all I will get out of it in a weekend of play.

Back to GW2, I have a couple articles nearly complete that I will finish up and post today to make up for my absence. I have managed to keep an eye on the red posts enough to know there hasn't been anything dramatic posted. Later, I will also discuss the patch when it hits later today by trying to link the patch notes when they are up and also highlight the major changes.

Hopefully that will not happen with my internet again and I can continue to bring a post a day into the future.

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