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If you haven't caught GuildMag's TWIGW2 yet head on over and check it out. There is a lot of good stuff there as always and this will give you the chance to catch up on those stories you missed out on. I have my summary of some of my favourite articles and stories below. If you haven't entered my contest yet please head over to my contest post and leave a comment for a chance to win!

GW2 Info - Interview with Isaiah "Izzy" Cartwright

I didn't even seen this article, an interview with Guild Wars 2 designer Izzy Cartwright, on GW2 Info until I was looking through the TWIGW2. It is a great read and has Izzy discussing things like build templates, home instances, crafting, and more. After reading this article I have mentally added about a dozen things to Arena Nets to-do list that I didn't know were on it before. I also strangely now have the feeling that mini-pet battles are around the corner. Very interesting interview, highly recommend checking that out.

Under the Pale Tree - RNG Woes

Under the Pale Tree has a well written article on the woes of the RNG system in Guild Wars 2. Chests are compared with garbage cans, and Dungeon and Dragons are mentioned. Head over and check this one out for a couple laughs and a great point driven home by a great author.

Guild Wars 2 Riches - Economics Education

Craig over at GW2 Riches has a great article up on the merits of getting an education in economics in GW2. It's not what you might think! He discusses the various aspects of the game that are important to know as well as things outside the game world that can be used to leverage your position. It is an interesting discussion of real world knowledge vs in game knowledge.

Dulfy - Fractals Guide

Dulfy is known for quality guides and his most recent guide on Fractals is no exception. He discusses agony in depth and gives you tips on how to best avoid it and deal with it. We get break downs of loot expectations based on fractal level, as well as in depth guides to fighting each boss and dealing with challenging encounters. Dulfy also outlines the various reflect abilities and recommends taking them all. If you are planning on running fractals above level 10 I would highly recommend skimming this guide before your first run.

Guild Wars 2 Trading Post - Four Steps to Success

Marco at GW2TP has a great article on the very basics of getting involved in the Trading Post in Guild Wars 2. Whether you are an experienced player, or are just thinking about starting to play the TP this is a perfect read. It reminds us all of the core things that every trader should keep in mind with every purchase and sale, but that is what Marco does with his blog. If you are not already following this guy I really recommend it. He has been a great help to me personally with his site, but also behind the scenes with my blog and helping me get traffic.

Black Lions Profit - Price Watch on Armored Scales

A great new blog, Black Lions Profit, has an excellent article on Armored Scales. This is a brand new blog that I just started following this week and now have him in my blog roll on the right. There are some very well written articles on this blog that I recommend checking out. This week, however, he has an especially good article on Armored Scales. This is something I have been meaning to write an article about for a while now, but have not had the time to do the research. The market is very interesting and I have often felt it is a good indicator of Anet's successes against botting (see Barracuda Farming). Anyway, I could go on and write my whole article here, but now I do not have to. Head over to Black Lion Profit and check out his take on the Armored Scale market.

Youtube - The Karma Express

Finally I will leave you with this absolutely GENIUS video. I don't even know how to describe it so I won't. Instead I will just embed it here for you to click play on and WATCH NOW. Don't forget to head over to GuildMag for the full This Week in Guild Wars 2.

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