Fire and Frost patch notes up!

The new patch notes have been posted up. Check them out!

Seriously, these patch notes are huge. They are well organized though so you can find what you are looking for quickly. They are far to large for me to provide a decent summary, so head over and read them for yourself. I will provide some reviews of the new content as I get to play it. I am excited!

Expect a long patch. I have been going for over half an hour and I am only at 30%.


  1. It seems to be an asynchronous download - the first half took about 15-20 minutes but the second half is going like lightning. Should be hammering on the log-in server door as soon as I finish this comment!

  2. Yup, seems like I am getting in now :D

  3. Holy s****... just look at the price of orichalcum ore on spidy. 3s per one !

  4. I absolutely loved the changes to the UI, especially the new hero panel! ArenaNet is at least doing something right, haha

    1. Indeed, I could never figure out what all my stats were hidden. Now I can see everything easily. Awesome! It would be nice though, if when i hovered over Boon Duration it showed me my bonus to might duration and such.