New Events Start Today

Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up. Regina Buenaobra, NA Community Team Lead, posted the following on the forums. She contained this text in spoiler tags, as I suppose this information is available in game some where by talking to NPCs.
Check in with the heralds for updates. There are hints of things to come already in the game. 
The playable Living Story content will start appearing tomorrow (January 29) at around noon Pacific Time in Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau. When the events start in Diessa Plateau, you’ll be sent an in-game mail letting you know about it. However, if you’re already logged in when that happens, you need to change maps to receive it.
I was wondering where these events were! Good to know that they are still coming. Looking forward to this story starting. I am currently levelling my Mesmer in Diessa Plateau seeing what I can find out.

I am having a blast playing around with these new features and will have more details later today. They have really added some new spice to the game. The new hero panel is fabulous, and the new daily achievements are nice. Last night when the patch launched one of the daily achievements was "Combo Killer". Apparently a lot of people were having trouble with this one. I started a random group and got it done in about 15 minutes just laying down Fire Ring on my Elementalist and instructing people how to combo through it. Either way Colin said on that forums that it has been removed until further notice.

Anyway, I want to get back to playing. I will have a more detailed review of some of the new features later today once I have had the chance to fully experience them.

For now, here is a link to the patch notes, including two mini fixes that went in after the main patch. Also, check out Dulfy for detailed information about some of the new features including, information about the new ascended gear, and the laurel system.


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