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This week was a big week with a lot of new coming out of Arena Net on their site, blog, and forums. I had coverage of these events here on my blog this week. As did a lot of others in the community. Every week on Friday, GuildMag rounds up all the community articles into one big post on their site. Here on my site I like to pick out my favourite articles of the week to share with you and add in a couple of my own links.

Eggbaron - A busy week

Here on my blog I had a busy week trying to cover all the news released. On Saturday, and Monday I covered some interesting red posts on the forums discussing a wide range of topics. On Tuesday, the "big post" from Colin Johanson was released and I discussed this here on this blog. Wednesday we received the news about guesting coming and I wrote an article about promoting common crafting materials. Yesterday I had coverage of the GW2 livesteam which was broken into part 1 and part 2. Tomorrow I am planning on taking all my discussions on promoting crafting materials and discuss converting skill points into gold.

And don't forget that in roughly 2 hours my contest for two drawings of 5 gold will close. Get your entry in quick if you are reading this before Midnight on Friday, January 18th, 2013. - A New Trading Post Tool

I was recently contacted by the creator of a great new tool available to Guild Wars 2 players called GW2TP. This tool provide an easy way to quickly find markets in which you can flip items and make a profit. There are other great tools on this site as well, including a profit calculator, a LFG tool, and a guide database. This is a great site and I am glad that the developer took the time to contact me and share this great resource with us all.

Guild Wars 2 Hub - Honor of the Waves EM Guide

Over at Guild Wars 2 Hub we find two guides for HotW explorable paths, "the plunderer" and "the zealot". I just got my Elementalist to level 80 (more about this soon) and I will be looking to do this dungeon for the first time (never got around to it on my Thief and Warrior). I read through these guides and enjoyed the way it was laid out, especially the analyse of the enemies you will encounter. Anyway, check out these guides if you haven't done HotW. It hear this dungeon can be very rewarding.

Guild Wars 2 Hub - Round Table: Gold Buying

Lewis of GW2Hub, Ravious of Kill Ten Rats, and Elisabeth of Massively all got together and had a discussion regarding the "notorious gold buyer from reddit". This is an interesting discussion with arguments for both sides. Highly recommend checking out this article.

Black Lions Profit - Flipping Jewellery

I recently started reading and following Black Lions Profit and I am really liking it. This week they have a great article on flipping jewellery. I tried this method out and it works. You just have to shop around and make sure that you remember that markets are always changing.

Reddit - Star Wars Inspired Character

This is a great little post. A player named Theomancer has made his Asura look like a Storm Trooper. He has a ton of pictures up on for you to check out, as well as a guide on how to replicate these results yourself.

Dulfy - Useful and Fun Consumables Guide

My favourite article of the week comes from Dulfy who has a guide on consumable items. Dulfy breaks the consumables down into five categories, utilities, buffs and debuffs, pets and turrets, improvised weapons, and fun. This is great article with a ton of ideas I never even thought of. Check this one out!

Guild Wars 2 Trading Post - Flipping Slow Moving Items

Guild Wars 2 Trading Post put out a great video on the difference between flipping fast moving items and flipping slow moving items. It is an excellent look at the varying approaches one has to take when flipping items. It isn't as easy as you might think. If you like the video be sure to go to youtube and give it a like.

I hope you like this look at the community this week. If you want more than head over to GuildMag and check out their TWIGW2 article where there are a ton more links to look through. What was your favourite article of the week? What do you want to see me write about in the future? Leave a comment below and let me know! 

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