GW2 Devs Livestream @ 12pm PST

Just a quick heads up. There was an announcement posted in the forums notifying everyone that there will be a livestream conducted by Arena Net staff members on This should be an interesting event. It takes place at 12pm PST. If you are unsure what time that is in your time zone click this link.
We will do a livestream on our Twitch channel tomorrow.  
Systems Designer Matt Witter, Game Designer Jonathan Sharp and Lead Content Designer Mike Zadorojny will talk about design and topics currently being discussed in the Guild Wars 2 community.  
The Livestream starts at 12:00 PM Pacific time, make sure to tune in:  
And there is more! After a quick lunch break, we will be back on air at 02:00 PM, and our developers will answer questions from you, keep an eye open for a dedicated thread on our official forum where you can post them!
I am looking forward to this event which seems to be part of Arena Nets media blitz this week. Be sure to arrive early as Twitch can act up when it is under load. If you miss the event I am sure it will be rebroadcast and a copy posted to youtube. Hope to see everyone there in the chat!

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