New Year, New Class, New Contest!

Happy New Year everyone! I just got back today, and I will start blogging right away. Today I will talk about the new class I have started playing, the Elementalist. Also, if you continue reading below you will find out how you could win FIVE GOLD!

Why a new class? Well, the grind for the legendary is really taking the fun out of the game for me. I need something to spice things up. Starting a new class, however, might end up as a profitable venture that will work towards my legendary anyway. In one of my last posts, before leaving for the holidays, I discussed turning skill points into gold. As I am levelling this character I will be earning a lot of skill points that I will be able to spend and turn into gold. Whether this is a worth while thing to do on a regular basis JUST to earn gold is another story and will have to wait until I am level 80 to calculate that.

My New Class is Watermelon Salesperson
(This is the contest screenshot)

Before writing this post I took some time to play a little bit of my new toon, a Female Norn Elementalist. I went with Norn, because their females are hot and also because I have not yet played a Norn. I went with Elementalist because I would like to try my hands at an AoE caster and I have seen how powerful they can be in WvW.

The Norn starting story is probably the worst out of the five races. The other four races had a pretty cool fight as part of the intro, where as the "epic" monster you fight as a Norn is just a huge ice worm. Pretty sure I have fought several dozen of those on my other characters all over Tyria. The Elementalist class, however, is really fun. I never really noticed how many abilities they have to unlock. Each weapon has a full bar of abilities for each element. That means that for Staff you have 20 abilities, for dagger another 20, scepter is only main hand so it has 12 abilities, and like wise focus is off hand only so that is 8 abilities, plus you have the trident for underwater combat which has another 20 abilities. All-in-all that is 80 abilities, 60 on land and 20 in the water. This makes for great variety. I am level 13 I have only unlocked all the abilities for Staff and Scepter and have barely made a dent in dagger and focus let alone the trident. On my other classes I had everything unlocked by level 10 easily.

All the Elementalist's abilities that I have unlocked.

I will continue to update you on my progress on my Elementalist and I will also post the build I end up settling down with. Right now I am just stacking power and hoping for the best. With that said, this new year will also be about driving traffic to my blog. There is no point it writing all these articles if no one is reading them. Thus, I plan to run some contests that will be fun for you the reader, but will also bring people here to my blog. As I was levelling my new character I took the screen shot you can see above. I am standing in front of a watermelon stand. If you can name the town, city, or village that this screen shot was taken in you will win 5 gold. First person to leave a comment below with the name of the town, city, or village will be the winner. Just remember, as of this post my Elementalist is only level 13 (only so many places to check). Please only one guess per person. I will then contact you or leave a follow up comment to collect your in game name to deliver the gold.

Good luck to everyone in the contest and happy new year!


  1. I recall there being a watermelon farm near Shaemor..

  2. It is in Beetletun, Souteast of the heart inside a building

    1. Congrats Xen! Post your in game username and I will mail you your prize!

      Everyone else, remember to keep your eyes peeled. I will be running more contests like this in the future!

    2. Xen Arekin is one of my characters =) Ty and nice little game. I really enjoy to read your block. I hope to see new blog posts soon after that little break =)

    3. Prize sent! Thanks for reading and playing!