This Week in Guild Wars 2

GuildMag has their weekly round-up of the Guild Wars 2 communities posts and activities. Head over a check it out. I have some highlights and some of my favourites for you below.

Jumping Puzzles and Mesmers

GuildMag has an article up on Jumping Puzzles. Since January's monthly achievement includes doing jumping puzzles you may find some of the tips in this article helpful. They also have an article up on Mesmer's illusions. Since Mesmer's are always messing with me in WvW I found this article quite insightful. Next time I fight a Mesmer hopefully I will have more success fighting them.

Magic Find Etiquette

Hunter's Insight has a great article on Magic Find Etiquette. I thought about writing an article on this, but Hunter's Insight really takes care of this topic quite well. Basically, the gist of the article is, "is it fair for one person in a group to run magic find find gear while the rest focus on their core stats." It is an age old debate that will probably never end.

Ups and Downs of Ascended Gear

Guild Wars 2 Hub wrote about the merits and downsides of ascended gear. The debate has raged across the forums and I have read a number of threads on the forums about the topic. Guild Wars 2 Hub has two authors each take a side and give their opinions on it. It is a great summary of a lot of the stuff I have read on the forums and thought of myself.

Guildcast and Expansion Prediction

Gamebreaker's big article this week has a South Korean financial firm predicting the release of a Guild Wars 2 expansion in late 2013. The tin foil hats are out in full force on this one, however, there are some really good reasons for thinking that this prediction is legitimate. Head over to gamebreaker for the full article. Also, if you do not watch Gamebreaker's Guildcast you should check that out. They talk about this topic and more on this weeks episode.

Buy/Sell Toughness Trinkets

Marco over at Guild Wars Trading Post has a great article on buying and selling defensive trinkets. He makes a great argument for why these are perfect for flipping and why they are impulse buys. A lot of this comes down to thinking about how you make purchases on your characters when levelling. Now just imagine 100's of other players doing the same thing you do everyday. Levelling my new toon, an Elementalist, has illuminated this for me.

Community Sites

A great thread over at Guild Wars 2 Guru has a list of the community sites for each server. My server, Gate of Madness, does not have one but maybe yours does. Check the list to see if your server has a site and community. You never know what new people you will meet that might enhance your gaming experience.

Mana Bars

Taugrim has my favourite article of the week discussing mana bars. Where did mana bars come from, and are they good game design? These are excellent questions and Taugrim does a great job discussing them. If you haven't checked out Taugrim before I highly recommend it. His articles are of extremely high quality and he himself is an extremely good player. I have him linked in my blog roll to the right.

TehMaker - Livestream

Finally, I have been watching a guy named TehMaker on He lives streams almost everyday and has a small community with which he interacts with via the chat. He plays a lot of sPvP which is an area of the game I have not really played much, so I find it really interesting to watch. Anyway, he is a great guy that even does contests for gold. I highly recommend checking his channel out. I have had a great time chatting with him and watching him learn sPvP.

Anyway, enjoy these highlights from the community and head over to GuildMag for their full roundup of all the articles and videos in the Guild Wars 2 community.

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