New Contest!

I do not have to time to write up a full article today so to make up for that I will run a contest! This will be the simplest and easiest contest you have ever entered and if you win it will be the easiest FIVE GOLD you have ever earned. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post below by Friday January 18th, 2012 at 11:59pm EST. 

Each person can leave a single comment on this post. Anyone found making multiple posts or using multiple accounts will be disqualified. The content of your post can be whatever you want (plug your blog or site if you wish), but it must contain your Guild Wars 2 account name or the name of one of your characters so I can send you the gold. In one week, on Friday January 18th, 2012 at 11:59pm EST, I will count the number of posts made in the comments, then go to and generate a random number between 1 and the number of posts made. If your post meets the above requirements and matches the random number I will send you FIVE GOLD!

I will have extended goals and prizes if I receive a certain number of comments. The first goal is 10 comments at which point I will draw another random number and give away another FIVE GOLD. Once that goal is reached I will reveal the next extended goal.

Good luck everyone! I will be back tomorrow with my regular postings.

*edit We have reached 10 comments total. That means the new prize is two drawings of 5 gold each. If we reach 25 comments I will double each of these prizes and do two drawings for 10 gold each. Get your comments in now! Don't forget to leave your character name, and/or account name so I can send you the prize.

*edit The winners have been picked. To see the winners, head over to my new post here.


  1. Wow, this is easy :D

    Account > I Am A Cow

  2. Hope to come back to GW2 soon!

    Karst Spara

  3. Keep on your good work =) I am checking your blog every day, even when i am not too interested in the promoting stuff you are blogging recently, there is so much great information offered here. Keep going =)

    Xen Arekin (the lucky guy who won your fist contest)

  4. Chooo chooo

    The Knife Corrupt

  5. did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? hes all right now.

    -Themep The Unseen

  6. Replies

      my to be everything blog.

  7. I need the gold to host another party, send it to Derzahla, please! ;)

  8. I also like money :)

    Sneak Mission

  9. Thanks for doing this!

    Smores Protector

  10. Thanks for doing this, I love your blog ^^


  11. new to this blog. lots of gw2 info and a contest to boot. win win :)

  12. avast ye land lubbers...the lure of gw2 gold/silver has lead me ship here..bit concerned that the "company" going to change the re-rez to tp during dungeon runs in new patch from latest info...lots at cof now doing muti-speed runs(even for 20 tokens)..ran it a good few times today to help others if needed on this..

    also the new crown money coming into the game to get us back to dead areas might cause a influx of low level mat items and cause a price crash there as these are not being wide spread farmed right now..but as everyone goes into them daily, theres going to be widespread harvesting??
    info here...scroll to top

    anyway that my half a copper worth....see u all in cyber..

    red gecko.4735 (frosty burns lv 80 ele)

  13. Eternal Annihilator

    I can't wait for this new update! I hope you guys are too!

  14. The winners have been picked. Head over to to see if you won!