More Wintersday Info!

The guys over at have put together what they learned from an interview with ArenaNet's Steven Waller and Anthony Ordon about December 14th's Wintersday events. I have some highlights below, for all the details head over to the main article.
Snowball Mayhem – A brand new PVP map just for Wintersday, Snowball Mayhem is as it sounds: a capture the flag map where players use snowballs and special class-based abilities to conquer the other team. You’ll pick one of three holiday themed classes when you enter, and each profession has their own special skill on the map as well (Warriors get a dash, et).
I was hoping for World PvP with snowballs, but I will take this! They also mention two other events, a jumping puzzle, and a rock band like game called, Bell Choir.
In Lion’s Arch, all of Tixx’ tinkering will catch up with him as the Toypocalypse is upon him in his workshop. The final instance of the event is Guild Wars 2’s Horde Mode meets Tower Defense. You’ll face waves upon waves of runaway toys, while trying to preserve the toymaker’s workshop.
I love a good tower defence, so this sounds like a blast. I wonder how it will work? Maybe like build siege in WvW? Either way I am excited to find out! This might be something that gets some of my friends back into this game.
There are a whopping 275 new crafting recipes, not all of which are themed around the holiday (though many are).
Great news for traders! Especially after yesterday's scare rocked prices and sent a lot of things spirally down. Now we know that there will be a ton of new recipes that people will want to try out. After yesterday I was starting to think we would not see market spikes, but now the speculation is back on!
Lastly, I asked the team about the Grentch, and whether we’ll ever be seeing him again. The short answer? They sure hope so! But whether he makes it into this Wintersday, we’ll have to wait and see.
I know some players of the original Guild Wars were worried the Grentch wouldn't appear, and after reading about him, I was kind of disappointed as well. Maybe, just maybe, he will round out our holidays with a reapearance? We will have to wait and see! December 14th is almost here! Massively also has a good article covering this and Dulfy has a good outline of the upcoming events.

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