Blog Summary - Week 2

I would like to take a moment today to summarize the articles I have posted here this week. I missed a couple of days of articles at the end of the week. I apologize for that, and promise I will continue to aim for at least one article per day. I hope you enjoyed the second week of my blog! Leave a comment and let me know how I am doing. Also, tell me if there is a topic you would like for me to cover in a future article. If you are running a blog and would like to appear in my blog roll please just let me know and I will be happy to include you.

Game Play

Commanders, Communications, and Balance, Oh my! - my suggestions for the future of WvW
DnD Teaches Guild Wars 2 - comparing weapons in DnD vs those in GW2

Trading Post

Portfolio Managements: Part 1 - how to make an excel sheet to monitor activities on TP
Portfolio Managements: Part 2 - stats to follow in your trading
Bank Space - how to obtain the cheapest bank and bags spaces

Current Events

Wintersday Video - initial teaser video from Anet
Preview of Wintersday WvW Patch - WvW changes announced in forums
New Redposts: Rollbacks, Kittens, and Orr - summary of several redposts
More Red Posts, more Wintersday info - more reposts summaries
Mike Lewis on Botting - Anet's team talks about the war on bots
More Winsterday Info! - yet more Winterdays talk!
This week in GW2 is up - GuildMags summary of the weekly activities in the GW2 community

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