Guild War 2 and Group Finder

In my opinion, the number one thing that Guild Wars 2 needs at this moment is a group finder. In my humble opinion, it should be considered a bug that one does not exist in game. There is not even a looking for group channel in the the chat. Spamming map chat in an attempt to find a group drives everyone up the wall, including the person making the post, especially after they are told by the game that they can not chat anymore as they are spamming. Guess what Anet? Nobody wants to spam, but you make us do it.

Alright, alright, so I found a guild and now I can do my daily CoF runs with guildies, okay everything is okay. Oh wait, what is this new Fractals of the Mist dungeon? Oh cool, different levels of difficultly, different everytime, this could be fun, lets see if guildies want to go. Oh, they do, but none of us are the same difficultly level, so we can not run together. I guess I am back to map chat to try and find a group... main page
Does any of that sound familiar. It should because this is the current state of trying to find a group in GW2. A lot of people agree with my statement, so much so, that a third party has created a website where you can find a group for GW2 dungeons. The site is called Anet should take note of this. This is the kind of tool that should have been included in GW2 at launch. Now we have a third party site which is great for those that know about it. Those that do not know about it are now in the unenviable position of having even fewer people wanting to join their group and even fewer people advertising in game for groups. 

The situation is deplorable and this is something that Anet needs to get on starting today. They need to tell the community that this is coming and reassure us that they actually play the game and understand what a large problem his really is. I did some research into the GW2 forums and previous "Ask me Anything" sessions on reddit and was able to come up with the following results. I have linked the source at the end of the quote.
We have a whole host of social features on our wishlist that we had to trim in order to ship, but we haven't forgotten about them, and I'm sure we'll revisit some of them in the future. I personally would love to take our LFG system further. - ArenaNetBraeden (Reddit AMA)
We’re very aware our LFG system is lacking, an it’s high on our list of things to rework. We have some other very pressing issues to handle first, but as someone who built/runs dungeons, and often PUG them, I dislike our current obscure and non-informative system, and re-building it is high on my list of things-to-flail-my-arms-about-to-talented-people-who-can-do-something-about-it, so that they do something about it. -Robert Hrouda (GW2 Forums)
We’re investigating and working on improving our group finding tool. While we certainly appreciate the thread, I’m just going to lock and close it seeing as how you’re voting on something we’re already looking into. -Robert Hrouda (GW2 Forums)
Anet is aware that a tool is needed, and they say they are working on it. Hopefully we will see one soon, or at least some sort of ETA on when it will be live in game. I find it hilarious though that they think they actually have a LFG system at the moment. What system? It is a chat bar where I can harass others into running a dungeon with me. This is not a system, it is anarchy. I do not know whether to take that statement with a grain of salt or to actually wonder if Anet thinks they have an actual LFG system, in place in game, right now. I wonder if Anet employees ever go through the LFG experience that we do. In game Anet employees show up with a fancy icon. If they were to post LF4M AC EM into chat they would have a group INSTANTLY.

Anyway, enough speculating on my part. Arena Net is aware that this is a major problem for the community and they are working on something. I will continue to cover this story as we get more information from Arena Net. Until then keep letting people know about, so that everyone can have a more enjoyable experience in game.

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