Hello and welcome to my blog.  I have started this blog today on a whim, after reading on Guild Wars 2 Trading Post and Guild Wars 2 Riches that there are not a lot of Guild Wars 2 bloggers.  I see this as an opportunity for me to practice my writing skills and to share with potential readers my experiences playing Guild Wars 2.

I thought it would be appropriate to share with you a little about me.  With respect to Guild Wars, I am not a fan boy.  I believe that there are some serious issues with Guild Wars 2 that need to be addressed.  At the same time, I am not a hater.  I have a lot of fun playing Guild Wars 2 and will continue playing it into the foreseeable future.

I am not a overly experienced MMO player, but at the same time I am not a complete n00b.  My main MMO experience comes from playing Dungeons and Dragons: Online (DDO) and Lord of the Rings: Online (LOTRO) along with a handful of other minor free to play MMOs.  DDO and LOTRO were both quite different from Guild Wars 2 and I hope to discuss my experiences on those games and how it relates to Guild Wars 2.  I have also played a lot of League of Legends.  Although this game is not an MMO I do think there is A LOT that Arena Net can learn from Riot when it comes to transparency, creating an eSport, and operating a F2P game.

Within Guild Wars 2 my current '/age' is 777 hours.  I have been playing since launch, and played in two of the beta weekends.  I have 600 hours on my current "main" which is my Thief.  I by no means call myself an expert, but I hope to share some of my thoughts and insights into the profession along with the builds I have had successes with as well as those which have failed.

In my time within the world of Tyria, I have tried my hands at most of the activities that the game has to offer.    Although I am on one of the bottom ranked WvW servers, Gate of Madness, I still try to get out and play for my server.  If needed, I take command, otherwise I usually play the role of scout.  In PVE I have collected the 1 million karma required for a legendary, I have 100% map completion, and a modest 2400 achievement points.  Recently, I have been trying my hand at flipping items on the Trading Post and have been doing alright for myself.  I hope to share my experiences in these areas of the game with you.

I have, thus far, not mentioned sPvP.  Guild Wars, in my mind, has always been a PvP centric game, however, I have thus far found GW2 sPVP to be uninspiring.  I have a lot more fun with the other aspects of the game.  I look forward to seeing the advances ArenaNet makes in this area of the game and hope to discuss those as they occur.

I hope my future blogging here will be successful.  To start I hope to make one post per day.  Until I get into a rhythem I can not promise a post a day, but I hope that by posting my goal it will help to focus me.

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