Wintersday Announcement Forthcoming?

It is my speculation that tomorrow we will see more information about the anticipated Wintersday event in Guild Wars 2. Why tomorrow? Well tomorrow is exactly one week before the Winter's Day event kicks off. It is also a Friday, and I have tended to notice Anet releasing information on Fridays.
Winter's Day, December 14th through January 3rd (
If the last announcement is anything to go by expect large spikes in the prices of Wintery goods (think Chocolate, Mint Leaf, Sage Leaf, Cinnamon, Walnuts, Eggs etc). I have been watching the site like a hawk waiting for this news to drop. I have been building stocks of goods up for weeks in anticipation. It is still not too late to get in on the game. A lot of the Wintery goods are still at reasonable prices and it is not too late to get in on this speculation. Even without an announcement tomorrow we may see speculation in the last weekend before the event.

Only time will tell now. If I have time I will write up a post summarizing some of what I think will be this holidays hot buys; however, if you use your imagination and gw2spidy I am sure you will be able to find a lot of them on your own. Just remember more than 50% of your profit will come from PURE SPECULATION. Even if a certain good is not needed for Wintersday until that becomes apparent the market will go nuts.

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