Jon Peters confirms Ranger Buff

I was just reading through the red posts on the GW2 forums and came across this tasty piece from Jon Peters,
Agreed. Signet of the hunt needs to and will go to 25%. -Jon Peters, GW2Forums
FYI this is slated for the 14th of December. -Jon Peters, GW2Forums
In his post Jon Peters is referring to the Ranger's ability, Signet of the Hunt. Currently it passively grants +10%  movement speed, and when activated causes the Ranger's pet's next attack to hit for more. This ability has a 30 second cooldown. To compare the Thief's Signet of the Shadows which passively grants +25% movement speed, and when activated blinds all nearby foes. This ability is also on a 30 second cooldown. Clearly, Signet of Shadows is superior to the Signet of the Hunt in almost every way which has been the concern of Ranger players for sometime. Thus, it is nice to see that Anet is taking a look at this and addressing the concerns of players in the forums.

Also, it has been talked about for sometime now that the Ranger will be getting some tweaks and fixes. I personally expect to see the above fix along with several others in the upcoming patch on December 14th. It has been a long time coming and Anet is delivering. I just wish there were more reassurances in the forums like this one.

*edit 11:30pm - Jon Peters strikes again with another confirmation of a buff coming for Rangers. This time with respect to attack speed with a bow.
You guys must be channeling some psychic powers this weekend. We agree arrows need to be a bit faster to make DPS against moving targets a bit more reliable. 12/14 can’t come soon enough. :P - Jon Peters, GW2 Forums

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