Spending your Tixx Rewards

Today is the final day of Tixx's Wintersday journey to each of the racial cities. After today, if you have completed each of the events in each of the cities, you should have 500 Mystical Cogs, 1250 Drops of Magic Glue or Wads of Enchanted Stuffing (or some combination adding to 1250), and five different "frames" for each of the toys featured in the five different events (Plush Griffon, Princess Doll, Toy Golem, Toy Soldier, and Ventari). If not, do not fret. Starting tomorrow in Lion's Arch you will be able to repeat all the events from all the cities, as well as, participate in the new event.

You may be asking yourself what you do with all this stuff. Well, you have two options. You can either make an endless tonic which will turn you into one of the toys as many times as you want, or you can obtain a mini pet. The choice is yours. Below I will show you the recipes, and throughout the article I have placed images of the various toys. I personally obtained all five endless tonics, as I would rather turn into the creature itself over have a mini one follow me around.

To obtain the endless tonics you must go to the mystic forge and combine the following; 50 Wads of Enchanted Stuffing, 50 Drops of Magic Glue, 1 Pile of Glittering Dust, 1 Frame of your choice (see image to right). You will not obtain the endless potion automatically. There is a random chance involved. If you do not get the potion, do not worry. You will obtain a gift instead, and inside the gift will be some one time use potions, and the frame you used in the recipe. You will be able to try until you get it, or you run out of mats. Luckily, these mats are obtainable on the trading post. It took me twenty five tries to get all five. I got the Toy Soldier, and the Golem on the first try, I got the Princess Doll on the 11th, the Ventari on my 7th, and the Griffon on my 5th try. This means it took 1250 of each Glue and Stuffing, and 25 Glittering Dust. Expect to pay around 5-6g for these materials from the Trading Post.

You can also combine the four of the five endless tonics together. If you watch Dontain's video about these tonics you can see when he does this he obtains the 5th tonic he did not put into the forge. I suppose the purpose of this would be to allow players to obtain the tonic and the minipet of the same toy. Like Dontain, I was sure this recipe would yield the Endless Toy Tonic, which definitely would have been worth doing. Either way, these transformations are pretty cool. A lot of them have full animations for emotes; ie, dance, salute, sleep, etc. The dolls transformation even has a new dance! You can see all these animations in Dontain's video on youtube.

If, instead, you would rather have the mini pet than you can make that too. Note, however, that you will only be able to make two of the mini pets as each takes 250 Mystical Cogs, and you will only have 500 by the end of the event. Pick two that you like and put the following into the forge; 250 Drops of Magic Glue, 250 Wads of Enchanted Stuffing, 250 Mystical Cogs, and 1 Frame of your choice (see image at right). This will produce the minipet, I am told, first time and every time. So, those are your options for spending your Tixx rewards.

Now, I am curious as to how the markets for Glue and Wads will react now that there is no more supply, only demand. As far as I know the only way to obtain these materials is from these five Wintersday events and only the first time you complete them. Perhaps, there will be a future way to get more, but keep an eye on this. If there is no new way to get these materials then the prices should rise quickly. I've been buying and selling these mats since the start of the event, but I will be sure to start holding on to some. The first big rise in prices came on the third day on Tixx when people had enough materials to try to make a minipet. I was hoping for another rise today when people obtained enough to try again, but I have yet to see this rise.

Personally, I am really enjoying this Wintersday events. I would have liked some more challenge in the events and the jumping puzzle, but the sheer quantity of things to see and do is amazing. It is crazy to think that they put all this work into these puzzles and events, then we only get to play it for a couple weeks. It would be cool if they made some sort of Hall of Events that let you travel to previous holiday events and redo them for fun, or if anything, just to showcase the great work that has gone into these. I know a bunch of people that missed out of the Halloween dungeon and would just like a chance to give it a shot. Either way, great job Arena Net! If you would like to read my thoughts on the other Wintersday events check out this article where I talk about the events, and this article where I talk about the patch.

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