Two small patches and an interview

A quick update for everyone. Last night, and just now a small patch dropped to Guild Wars 2. The patch notes are on the forums. No signifigant changes were made. It seems Arena Net merely closed some holes opened by the patch on December 3rd.

On the flipside the guys over at KillTenRats have a new article up with an interview of Isaiah “Izzy” Cartwright. This interview offers an interesting look at how Guild Wars 2 developers use statistics to shape the players experience in Tyria.

Isaiah "Izzy" Cartwright.
Izzy: Yes, we collect all manner of data from observing the economy, gameplay, and sever load. We use this data in a number of ways. For instance, we can see where players die the most so we can start adjusting content that is too hard at early levels. As for the economy, we’re always watching how different items drop, from where, and how often. This lets us really see the ins and outs of our economy and how things like monthly events or weekends play a role in our ever changing economy.
It is great to see the developers taking this close a look at the data. It can also be frustrating at times when the return from your favourite farming spot is reduced. Anyway, head over and check out the article for the rest of the details.

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