Legendary Progress: Clovers Check!

I have mentioned in other posts that I am working towards a Legendary Weapon for my thief. I have not really gone into details on that yet. I hope to share a little bit of my progress here today as I have just reached a major milestone. Firstly, though, the weapon I am working towards is Bolt, the Legendary Sword. I like what I have seen on youtube and hope to be cracking skulls with it soon. 

The first major component I completed was the Gift of Mastery. This gift required 500 WvW tokens, 250 Obsidian Shards, 200 Skill Points, and 100% World Completion. I got the WvW tokens primarily through the Jumping Puzzles, but also through active play. I have actually collected over 1000 of the tokens to date. The karma for the Obsidian Shards I mainly got through grinding the Plinx event before the nerfs. I also made a large chuck via Karma Boosters, the Guild Karma Boost, and the Public Guild Karma Banner plus Jugs of Liquid Karma, and Drops of Liquid Karma. The 200 Skill Points and the World Completion went hand-in-hand and were the first pieces to the puzzle I completed.

Zap Price chart, red arrow shows when I bought.
Zap, the 78g
Ugly Stick
Next I was able to pick up Zap on the cheap after the Lost Shores event. I purchased it for 78 gold, at what I feel, was a steal. I also avoided the headache of throwing hundreds of yellow swords into the Mystic Forge. Remember this for the Wintersday events. If there is a chest at the end of an event that gives every player a shot at multiple exotics, like the chest at the end of the Lost Shores event, check the Trading Post and watch the prices of the precursors carefully. Even with the small trickle of precursors that have been coming into the game, due to the bug correction I mentioned yesterday, there has been some shifting of the precursor prices. Another surge should knock the prices down again.

Now I have the Gift of Fortune and the Gift of Bolt left. The main component I have been actively working towards are the 77 Mystic Clovers for the Gift of Fortune. I got my last one just moments ago. I am so happy to be done these as the random element was breaking my heart. Seeing all those hard earned Globs of Ectoplasm disappear... lets just not talk about it.

Zommoros, the cheap bastard that lives in the Mystic Forge.
For those that don't know a Mystic Clover is made in the Mystic Forge by combining one Glob of Ectoplasm, one Mystic Coin, one Obsidian Shard, and 6 Philosophers Stones. The catch is that this recipe only makes a Mystic Clover one time in three. I did not track exactly how many tries I took, but I would imagine it was around the 250 mark. The other option that was there was to put 10 Globs of Ectoplasm, ten Mystic Coins, ten Obsidian Shards, and 10 Crystals into the Mystic Forge for a one in three (I think) of getting 10 Mystic Clovers. If the odds are the same (the jury is still out of the odds for the 10x recipe) then the only difference is variance, aka luck.

Now I have a short checklist of expensive items to collect. I have to finish getting 250 of each T6 fine crafting material. I need 100 Charged Lodestones and currently have 4. I also need to make 500 Orichalcum Ingots, and currently have roughtly 500 Orichalcum Ore (half what I need). Finally, I need to collect 250 more Globs of Ectoplasm. It is a short list, but it is also almost half the cost in gold for all of Bolt. The Lodestones will run about 250g, the Globs 75g, and the T6 mats 100g. Mind you I will be able to farm for some of those mats.

I still have a long road ahead of me, but today was another one of those points where I can look back and actually feel like I have made some progress. My Mystic Clovers are done. May I never have to make another one again.

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  1. Wow! Just wow! That is an amazing feat, very happy for you. Keep on grinding!