This week in Guild Wars 2

GuildMag has posted their weekly round-up of all things Guild Wars 2 into one simple location for all to see. There is a lot of activity this week in the community, so head over and check it out. I have a couple highlights for you below.

Firstly, Guild Wars 2 has been winning awards left, right, and center (here and here too). Next, if you like the GW2 sound track you can get it on GuildMag itself has a great article on Necromancer wells. Even if you aren't a Necro player it is worth a look so you know what buffs, heals, etc they can grant your character. Another great link is to this Reddit thread with various songs you can play on the choir bells. Then there is this video that is making the rounds,

I can't steal all the good links! So, head over and see what else is there. You never know what you will find.

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