Guild Wars Magazine's Weekly Roundup

Each week the guys over at Guild Mag scour the internet and collect all the best on Guild Wars 2 into one place. That weekly round up called, This Week in Guild Wars 2, has been posted and is full of great new content from fan sites like this one. This week is special as it is their 52nd anniversary of "This Week in Guild Wars 2". It is amazing to think they have been going for a year, and I am just in my first week! Anyway, head over and congratulate them then help your game by going and checking out some of these great articles and videos.

Just to link directly to something though, there is this little gem hidden away in the middle of the round up.
For all #GuildWars2 dungeon runners out there questing for your tokens, a helpful guide for buying your set. - From Blazer.7942 via Twitter
Chart outlining Exotics from dungeons.
Find this and more over at Guild Mag and "This Week in Guild Wars 2".

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