New Redposts: Rollbacks, Kittens, and Orr.

I was just flipping through the forums and I have come across a couple of interesting Red Posts that I thought I would share with you, so that you do not need to go to the troll infested waters. Firstly, is a post by Gaile Gray. She has a following to say,
Gaile Grey, GW1
We’re pleased to tell you that we are launching our Account Restoration Tool (ART) today. With that tool, we will be able to restore qualifying accounts that were compromised on or after December 1, 2012. 
Read more about the service in our Account Restoration FAQ.
This is excellent news! I am not sure how they got away with not having these tools in place until now, but it is a great relief to know that this is there in case I am hacked and all my stuff is stolen. A lot of players in the thread where this was posted are concerned that it states in the FAQ that each account can only be rolled back once. Now, there are good reasons for this. In either case Mrs. Grey assures us that each situation will be looked at individually and assessed from there.

Next, on a bit of a fun note, the swear filter on the forums has received an update. The way the system works is that it replaces all inappropriate words with the word 'kitten'. This has led to some hilarious situations as the filter is not working correctly. For example, the phrase "Crush it!" would be changed to, "Crukitten!". There are a ton of threads on the forums discussing this, and unfortunately now the hilarity of the kitten filter is over as we have this post from Mark Katzbach,
Mark's mugshot.

Thanks for the reports everybody. An update to the swear filter has been implemented, which should address these issues. Again, thanks for reporting, and please continue to report any bugs with filtering you encounter.

Lastly, a post from Jason King  It appears Anet is finally sitting down and going through the bugs in the Orr zones. Unfortunately, this comes WAY to late as I do not know anyone that still farms this zone. It has been nerfed now, and bugged for way to long. The temple fights are not fun, and usually result in most people just yelling at each other. Anyway, they are asking for your help in reporting bugs,
As Colin Johanson mentioned in his blog post on GW2 Live Development last month, we occasionally form “bonus teams” to do work on additional content. One of the teams we recently formed is focusing on improving the Orr region and fixing bugs in “Straits of Devastation,” “Malchor’s Leap,” and “Cursed Shore” – and they’d like your help! 
Please post here with any bugs or exploits that you’ve seen in the region with as much information as possible on the issue.  
As always, please search the thread before posting to limit duplicates. This is your chance to report any issues you’ve seen in these maps; so no matter how big or small it is, please let us know what you find! 
Thank you for your help and support, everyone!
Like I say, I think this comes WAY to late. I do not go to Orr anymore, and really do not care if it gets fixed. I ground on the Plinx event for well over 700,000 karma and weathered through two nerfs to that event before they killed it. If they had the time to nerf the event they should have taken the time to fix the bugs. Nothing drives me up the wall about this game more than Orr, but that is for another post.

I have noticed the communication from Arena Net in the time since the Lost Shores event and patch has increased dramatically. Hopefully this continues because it has greatly helped to reassure me that Arena Net knows what they are doing with this game. 

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  1. I have to agree that Orr is pretty much "dead" (no pun intended). I started playing at headstart but only reached lvl 80 last month and once I finally entered Orr, all the waypoints were contested and it was extremely hard to even reach my story quests. Glad ANet is finally working on the playability of this area.