Valentine's Day Sale

If you have not noticed already there is a Valentine's Day Sale in the Black Lion Trading Post. Good ole Evon Gnashblade has all the details on the Guild Wars 2 main site. The sale will last until February 18th so you have plenty of time to take advantage of these deals.

A Bouquet of Roses has been added to the game. The roses give you five non-combat abilities that can be used in costume brawl. For more details on these Roses I highly recommend watching Richie Procopio aka the Bog Otter's new video. The video is absolutely hilarious as Richie runs around town tossing bouquets to anyone around. The effects are actually quite nice.

Also included in the sale is a new red dye pack. This package is "guaranteed to contain red and pink dyes only." This is, personally, not for me. On the other hand though, they have also put the self style hair kits on sale of 20% off. This is something I could see myself stocking up on. I find changing the look of your character can go a long way to re-invigorating your enthusiasm for playing with that toon. Well that is the effect it has on me.

A lot of people in my guild have been blasting Arena Net for not having a system to gift items to other players. Judging just from my own guilds reaction I can say Arena Net lost out on a good deal of money. While a lot of my guild mates say they would never buy these items for themselves, they would have bought them for someone else.

While you guys be buying anything in this sale? What do you think of the Bouquet of Flowers? Would you have gifted these items to someone else if it was possible? Let me know in the comments!

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