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Every Friday, Raphia at GuildMag goes through all the community articles for the week and rounds them up into one giant article. Every week I like to go through this list and pick out my favourites to share with you guys. The articles I pick out tend to compliment the content that I have here on my blog. I also try to sneak in some Red Posts and news from Arena Net that I may have missed earlier in the week.

Straight from Arena Net

First off, there is a sale in the Black Lion Trading Post on bag slots and bank tabs. This sale will last until February 26th so get them now while they are 20% off. Guild Wars 2 is also on sale. Right now you can purchase Guild Wars 2 for 30% off. If you know someone looking to get into the game now is a good time. They have until Febraury 25th to get in on the sale.

Bobby Stein, Guild Wars 2 Lead Writer, has been busy posting in a thread about the personal story. He has a number of posts in this thread but my favourite concerns Trahearne,
[Trahearne] didn’t resonate well with some players for a variety of reasons. We’re comparing external feedback with our own, since we have plans for Trahearne and other existing characters in future live updates and expansion content. We won’t spoil what we’re discussing, other than to say we’re looking at many different options for his current implementation and beyond.
My vote would be to have Trahearne become corrupted and become a boss everyone gets to kill. It would be the just thing to do.

Recently Colin Johanson had lunch with a number of lucky fans. Dragon Season was kind enough to transcribe the entire conversions into a Q and A style document. It is divided into three parts here, here, and here. For even more check twitter hash tag #foodwars.

Finally, is this video where Arena Net is reproducing the Harlem Shake meme.

Gloopy the Quaggan

The first episode of a video series titled "Gloopy" has been posted to the French site The video contains no dialog and can be enjoyed by anyone. It is rather odd but some how compelling. I want to know more. Check it out for your surreal moment of the week.

The Guild Wars Chef

This blog, Guild Wars Chef, is really neat. The author takes foods in Guild Wars 2 and makes them - for real. So far the blog has featured a new recipe each week complete with pictures of the finished products. This is a really neat idea and I especially like the idea crafting some tasty food for myself for a change. I will definitely be following this blog in the future and if I ever feel adventurous in the kitchen I may even try a recipe or two.

Inventory Full is Guild Wars 2 a Theme Park?

One of my favourite gaming blogs, Inventory Full, has a great article this week on the merits of the open world event system. Is Guild Wars 2 simply a theme park? If so is it a good thing? Bhagpuss discusses this and more in his article titled, "Sunday in the Park". If there is an article you read this week, make it this one. Bhagpuss's witty writing style is always enjoyable and this week it is backed up with a solid critical viewpoint. Definitely my favourite article of the week.

Kill Ten Rats on Guild Wars 2 Expansion

The rumour of a Guild Wars 2 expansion has been floating around for a while now and it is something I have been meaning to discuss here on Egg Baron. Ravious at Kill Ten Rats does a good job rounding up all the evidence for an expansion into one place. Is an expansion coming? Probably. Head over to Kill Ten Rats for all the details.

Guild Wars 2 Hub debates Trading Legendary Weapons

The guys at GW2 Hub have continued their debate series this time tackling the issue of whether legendary weapons should be tradable on the Trading Post. It is something I have thought long and hard about and I have to say I am clearly on the side of they should not be tradable. Innuendo takes the side of against trading them and nails the points I would have laid out. If you are unfamiliar with this debate check out this article for a good primer.

Malefic Incantations on the Defiant Buff

Optimus Maleficus from Malefic Incantations has an excellent post on his blog about the Defiant Buff. This buff can be found on most champion or higher level monsters in Guild Wars 2 and is the bane of many a player. Personally I have spent some time attempting to learn exactly how this worked. I thought I had all the details but Optimus's article taught me quite a bit about the nuances of how this mechanic works. It is a really neat article.

Guildcast Episode 62's Guild Wars 2 show Guildcast keeps on coming. This week they look at what to expect in the Febraury patch, the Living Story, and loot. As always it is a fun packed hour with Gary Gannon, Richie Procopio, and Elixabeth Claire (Scott Hawkes was mia this week). They even mention a certain blog when discussing gold making strategies. I try to catch this show live every week on Wednesday @ 6/9pm PST/EST.

Matt Visual on Consumables

The always entertaining Matt Visual is back this week with a great video on the various consumables in game. There are some great Boofs to be had, but hey, you probably do not even know what a Boof is. And you won't until you watch this video. But, seriously, Matt is making the most entertaining Guild Wars 2 videos out there. Subscribe to this guys channel. You won't regret it.

Wooden Potatoes on Traditional Questing

Is Guild Wars 2 missing something? Is is Traditional Questing? I don't know. In his most recent video Wooden Potatoes provides an excellent argument to why he feels that traditional questing could add an extra layer of depth to Guild Wars 2. I guess it coudln't really hurt the game and I totally agree with Potatoes that traditional quests are something Arena Net should not be completely avoiding. Sure, focus on dynamic events, but don't forget about the good things that traditional quests had to offer.


That is my round up for this week. For the full list of all the community articles this week head over to Guild Mag. Let me know what your favourite article were this week in the comments.

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